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Baron_Ox posted...
iirc that one, Mirage, started out as a DLC for Valhalla but it got too big so it was sold as its own thing.
Huh, I didn't know that, thanks for learning me! I assume Shadows is a "new" game in that sense?

As someone who enjoyed the Far Cry games (since FC3, I'll admit), I'm not super convinced with this model of game creation. Doesn't feel right spending 50-60 for what's effectively just a new map, some new voice actors, and some minor gameplay tweaks. Yes, I know, this stuff costs money and 3D modelling isn't cheap, but maybe I'm an outlier. I'd rather buy one game full price every couple of years, with a step change each time, because otherwise I'll just wait a few years until the games are about a tenner and buy them in a sale.

I'm showing my age here but I look at the difference between Unreal Tournament 1999 and 2003 (I know it was basically a demo for 2004, but bear with me) - that's 4 years between releases and it was a definite change between the two. Same for UT3, released in 2007 - so 3 years there. Each release was noticeably different from each other, keeping the core gameplay the same but also introducing their own spin on things.

Meanwhile, and I'll pick on Far Cry here, since FC3 it's been two years since each release. Strip away the graphics and the gameplay's almost identical. It was fun at first, being able to dive into a new game knowing 90% of how the gameplay works, but when you're playing Far Cry 6, sniping away at outpost #71, you realise it's the same old shit.
No, I'm not that one.
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