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Entity13 posted...
Roughly 30%, and most of them are members of the boomer generation. A few of them used to wear MAGA hats, too, but those ones died of either old age or covid. The remainder just bitch and complain about every little thing they can all the while demanding special treatment AND also while being unable to read signs or string a couple basic concepts together regarding placing orders FOR THEIR FOOD. Like, look, basic manners are not hard, looking at a tag that says "broccoli" on it and knowing it applies to the one pan with broccoli in it should not be hard, and knowing that prices have indeed been going up for the last five years should neither be difficult to comprehend BEFORE placing your order NOR pinned on the people taking said orders. No one wants to hear endless insults about the product they're trying to sell when everyone else likes said product, no one wants to hear that you want a refund because you took an hour to get home because of a couple detours and your once-hot food is now cold, and no one wants to hear about how you think you're hot shit just because you're a member of whichever generation and thus everyone should be kissing your feet and giving you all of our product for free (no!).

So yeah, close to a third of my customers are beyond help that we're able to give them.

For me it was less Boomers and more people born in the 1940s, Silent or Boomers.

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