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ScazarMeltex posted...
I can respect his actions. He did the same thing that anyone who loved someone in a situation like this would do, place themselves in harm's way to protect them. People aren't inherently defined by any one aspect of their being. He can be a frothing at the mouth chud who supported Trump and J6 and all the horrific crimes the GOP wants to commit against minorities and LGBTQ people while still being a person who loved his daughter enough to shield her from bullets. People contain multitudes.

Thats a fair answer and makes sense. The thing is, he was this same human before this incident, but if for without this incident we would have just labelled him an evil fascist/fascist supporter. but since this incident forced us to see him as a human being instead of a political opponent all of a sudden were giving some pause in our hounding excoriation of the fact that hes a fascis MAGA. I only bring this up because I think it serves as an example to remind ourselves that at the end of the day all those MAGA supporters are human just like this guy and probably doesnt warrant such an extreme level of prejudice and vitriol with how we treat the other side of the politician aisle. Inb4 both side inb4 trolling etc, whatever I said my 2 cents feel free to do with it whatever you wish

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Community » David1988