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I've done this style of poll contest once before, back in either Gen VII or Gen VIII, so why not try it again now? The rules are simple: each day, I'm going to post a poll for a given Pokemon typing, with each generation's roster of new Pokemon filling in that typing. You just need to look at what each generation had to offer, and select which generation you think brought the best new roster (for any reason; you could say that a single Pokemon was so good that it overwhelms everything else the generation spawned, or you could select a generation that may be more well-rounded that the one that created your personal favorite). At the end of the day, one generation will be crowned a champion (with potential tiebreakers if need be), and that generation will advance to a second round, where the eighteen winners, and fourteen strongest runner-ups will be sorted into a 32-entrant tournament to crown which generation produced the best overall roster of a single typing.

Smallest votals thus far for the Normal-type, but I guess that's to be expected when it's "Normal". It's not meant to be flashy or inspire a ton of excitement. Gen I wins another tound, but the big surprise is that this is the first time all contest thus far where Gen VIII has managed to place in the top two. It's still low in the rankings, but it's on the bubble for a wild card berth with five typings left to go.

For today's contest, we're doing Poison-types. I did not realize just HOW MANY Poison-types Gen I has, but we'll see if sheer quantity has an effect on the end results today. Given Gen VI's limited roster, I have folder Mega Evolutions into their list, as those were, effectively, some of the new Pokemon created in lieu of brand new designs for Gen VI. I'll keep the same concept for later typings as well. Note: I will not be considering things like Dialga/Palkia's form changes in Gen VIII, as those are still technically the same in the way Giratina's form change was back in Gen IV.

Fire: Gen I (30 Votes, 47.62%)
Bug: Gen V (30 Votes, 44.12%)
Dragon Gen III (30 Votes, 41.67%)
Grass: Gen III (28 Votes, 45.90%)
Fairy: Gen VII (24 Votes, 39.34%)
Electric: Gen I (24 Votes, 37.50%)
Ice: Gen IV (24 Votes, 36.92%)
Flying: Gen I (21 Votes, 35.00%)
Ground: Gen I (20 Votes, 33.33%)
Dark: Gen II (18 Votes, 26.87%)
Normal: Gen I (17 Votes, 28.81%)
Fighting: Gen IV (14 Votes, 21.88%)
Ghost: Gen V (13 Votes, 17.81%)
Poison: ???
Psychic: ???
Rock: ???
Steel: ???
Water: ???
(Dark: Gen IX - 17 Votes, 25.37%)
(Fire: Gen V - 16 Votes, 25.4%)
(Electric: Gen V - 15 Votes, 23.44%)
(Bug: Gen VII - 14 Votes, 20.59%)
(Dragon: Gen VI - 14 Votes, 19.44%)
(Flying: Gen VI - 13 Votes, 21.67%)
(Ground: Gen III/V - 12 Votes, 20.00%)
(Fairy: Gen VI - 12 Votes, 19.67%)
(Fighting: Gen IX - 12 Votes, 18.75%)
(Normal: Gen VIII - 11 Votes, 18.64%)
(Ghost: Gen IV/Gen IX - 10 Votes, 13.70%)
(Grass: Gen I/Gen V - 9 Votes, 14.75%)
(Ice: Gen III - 9 Votes, 13.85%)
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Gen V (This is terrible. Having ONLY 2/3 of the Scolipede line as DECENT is not a great look for this generation's Poison offerings as a whole. It's weird that a generation that cribbed SO MANY designs from Gen I came nowhere near replicating its Poison abundance.)

Gen VII (Salazzle is top tier, but nothing else here is quality, and there are far too many Pokemon to have ONE good option.)

Gen VI (The Mega evolutions are all that this generation really has going for it. Dragalge is okay, but it's such a late evo.)

Gen IX (I don't like anything here as much as Salazzle, but I like Revavroom, Grafaiai and Iron Moth well enough. There are some definite duds though, and I can't enjoy it fully.)

Gen II (Crobat is amazing, Qwilfish and Ariados are okay, Spinarak is awful. There are only four here and a bottom tier and top tier balance out.)

Gen III (Seviper is awesome, Roselia and Dustox are okay, the Gulpin/Swalot duo is pointless. It's meh overall, but more consistently okay than Gen II.)

Gen VI (There's nothing all that BAD here, but nothing among this group is top tier for me. It's still surprisingly solid, given some of the Poison-type lines post-Gen I, but only okay.)

Gen I (There is almost NOTHING bad about this generation. I don't care for Gloom or Venomoth, but everything else is decent to great. It's hard not to vote for Gen I here.)

Gen VIII (On paper, I probably like Gen I better, but this is the ONE time I will praise Gen VIII, because asie from Toxel, there is not a single bad aspect to this generation's line-up. Huh. How about that. The one typing that has nothing but dual-types is Gen VIII's opus. Shocker.)
Inviso thinks all starters should be Fire/Fighting.
Blaziken posted...
Gen I (There is almost NOTHING bad about this generation.
The worst thing is probably the overabundance of Grass/Poison types, which is more a Grass-type problem, but even so they're mostly excellent.


Gen VI (The Mega evolutions are all that this generation really has going for it. Dragalge is okay, but it's such a late evo.)
Gen VI (There's nothing all that BAD here, but nothing among this group is top tier for me. It's still surprisingly solid, given some of the Poison-type lines post-Gen I, but only okay.)
I think you meant IV for the second?
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Fixed that.
Inviso thinks all starters should be Fire/Fighting.
I gotta go with Gen I on this one. Nidoking, Tentacruel, Gengar, Victreebel, and Venomoth are all pretty good. They just have the sheer numbers, and unlike Normal, the numbers are actually of a high quality.

VIII gets second place, with Toxtricity, Overqwil, and G-Slowking as the driving force.

Not sure about third, but I'm leaning IV for Roserade and Toxicroak. Maybe VII.
Change is weird.
I told myself when this started that I'd go for this for gen 7 for poison because I was thinking just how much I loved A-Muk and Toxapex. The ultras are a big whatever usually, but kudos to Nihilego for being a weirdo hat.
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Gen I because VIII has Sneasler weighing it down
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I might take gen 1 over all the others combined here tbh
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Definitely not a good type here... Gen 1's lineup isn't super great but at least it has Nidoking, Bulbasaur, and Team Rocket nostalgia while the other gens have a whole lot of garbage. I guess Gen 9 has a lineup that's somewhat passable too but that's it.
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I don't like Poison type much, yikes

Gen VII - I don't care for anything here. Ultra Beats suck.

Gen IV - Not a single Pokemon I care about

Gen V - Trubbish is alright, Garbodor is a step down and everything else is meh

Gen VI - Only one new line and it's not great. Mega Gengar and Beedrill are the only reason it's this high

Gen III - Seviper is cool and Dustox is alright, and you can keep the rest

Gen II - Crobat is good, the spiders and Qwillfish are decent but not great.

Gen IX - Pretty much carried by Clodsire, but I also like the vacuums and Iron Moth

Gen VIII - The regional variants help a lot, but Toxtricity is also pretty good.

Gen I - Yeah agreed with Kenri here, I would take this lineup over the rest combined. Gengar, Ivysaur, Nidoking, Beedrill, Vileplume... it's really incredible how stacked Gen I is and then there have been like 5 Poison types since that I care about at all
MZero , to the extreme
Like with the Normal/Flying debacle, it's kinda tough for me to consider the Grass/Poison types of Gen I. But it doesn't matter. With or without them, the OG takes this one very handily. My playthrough staple Crobat and a few niche faves in Qwilfish and the spyiders made II tempting though.
gen 1 clears pretty comfortably here, a lot of gen 1's entire flavour just came from these lines.
gen 2 is pretty underrated honestly, I really like Spinarak and Ariados and Crobat is a poison type of all time for sure.
gen 3 is an odd one, Swalot is a bit underappreciated and Seviper is a narrow improvement over Arbok overall imo, but Dustox isn't even the best moth pokemon up to that point and Roselia is nice but again not my favourite of its line, even if it's also the only one in it that could've possibly stood on its own as a standalone mon.
gen 4 falls apart outside of Budew/Roserade/Toxicroak line.
gen 5 has scolipede line which i hate with a passion, and amoongus line which i also just dislike immensely. relying on garbage to save this gen is a lost cause
gen 6's poison mega lineup is good, though it also reminds me that i really wish most people didn't just show strong favouritism towards mega gengar specifically. dragalge line sure does exist
gen 7's alolan variant reps here are honestly some of the only ones where i don't consider them strictly like, overall worse then the originals. but still all i think of when seeing them is just "why though". side note, funny that it's the rainbow coloured one with the dark type. also i guess i like nihilego but everything else is whatever
gen 8 also did good with half of its reduxes, Galarian Weezing was over the top but welcome, and Overqwil was also a welcome addition too. Really wish new Slowbro/Slowking and especially Sneasler had never happened though. Also Toxel is an f-tier baby pokemon
gen 9 was a return to form if only for the dlc mons. Pecharunt is fun in all its hax bs glory
Literally the two best Poison-types are both Gen VIII with Toxtricity and Sneasler.
Inviso thinks all starters should be Fire/Fighting.
For me this is 1 vs. 7 vs 8. Going with 8 - Toxtricity is excellent
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Inviso thinks all starters should be Fire/Fighting.
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I voted 9 for being good all around. 8 is trash except Toxtricity to me. 1 has high highs and low lows.
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There are so few pure poison types overall despite how it started. It was only in odd gens and that trend was broken by gen 9 having none lol.
Guinness Book of World Records is the name of the diary that belongs to azuarc , the winner of the Game of the Decade II guru contest.
Gen 8 has some low lows but easily the highest highs.
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I do like Gen I but being the most ubiquitous generation has kinda made me feel they're kinda boring. Nothing really excites me per se, except for maybe Gengar.

Ended up voting for Gen VIII, carried hard by Toxtricity, but G-Slowpoke evos and G-Weezing are also great.
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Round ending within the hour (ideally).
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Well as much as I hate to be a Genwunner... naw I wins pretty comfortably here. Every other generation has a pretty even split of pokmon I love and pokmon I loathe for this type
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