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Board 8

50. Younha - END THEORY : Final Edition
K-Pop, Pop Rock, Ambient Pop



1. Wish
2. Oort Cloud


I do enjoy what little k-pop Ive heard so Im optimistic about this. The first track, Oort Cloud, has plenty of pop flourishes that I could easily see in an American pop song; it also has what sounds like a tap shoe bridge, so I automatically like it. Song 2, , is more rock-oriented fare; already two songs in and theres some variety, which is nice.

Wish immediately tickles my fancy. Did you ever listen to a song and know within three seconds you were going to like it? Thats Wish for me. Its happy k-pop. I tend to like that. By contrast, my arm made a reflexive motion to skip Highlight (but I didnt!). Not my thing. This is followed by several more glacially paced tracks. Also not my thing. I do appreciate the random bursts of English, like walking out the door in P.R.R.W. for some reason. P.R.R.W. actually has a lot of English.

There have seriously been like five songs in a row that drag for me. I miss the energy of the opening tracks. Im not much of a ballad type of person, so I keep looking at the clock to see how much longer each track will be. I dont inherently dislike slow songs at all, but this specific type of slow song doesnt do it for me. If it can be feasibly played at a during a slow dance in high school, I probably wont enjoy it very much.

Holy jesus why are all of these songs so slow when the first three songs were so much faster paced. Again: I dont automatically dislike slower songs. These just go on and on for me. Black hole is the first in like songs to pick up the pace. I will say the production in this album is really solid; everything sounds so crisp. Even if Im not into a thing I try to find something positive to say about it.

So yeah uhI liked the beginning of the album, and then it became something I liked considerably less. Ah well. Thems the breaks!