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I started listening to February Air and reading the writeup while the intro was still playing. Once the vocals started, I don't know if I was just preparing for the worst after reading the comment or what, but I kind of laughed a little bit. It wasn't as bad as I expected but I can also understand why someone wouldn't like it. As far as the album goes, it depends on this song. If this is considered a "slower" song and the rest of the album is mostly faster songs, then I'd probably like the whole thing. If every song is the same tempo as this one then I probably wouldn't be able to get into it.

I mainly know They Might Be Giants from other media that their music has been featured in. This song is kind of odd to me. It almost sounds like a "joke" song that's being presented "seriously", but I think that I'm actually wrong and it's just a regular normal song to begin with, and I'm listening to it in the wrong context due to preconceived notions? I don't know.

If Dream Sweet in Sea Major is the best song on the album then that doesn't bode well for the rest of the album. I guess it did some alright stuff near the end but I'm not sold on it. I looked up "Miracle Musical" to see who they were, and apparently they're related to Tally Hall, a band who (like TMBG) I only know from a sporadic bunch of individual songs. Somehow I feel like this explains a lot about this album and I can't even articulate why.
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