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I can hear what you mean by Thunderbird having a touch of "country-rock" sound. What's intriguing is the implication that this is not how all the songs sound, and it's just the twist on this one song in particular. It almost makes me want to listen to another song just to hear the comparison, to see if the style is noticeably different. Because I didn't even dislike this song as it is, surprisingly. Listening to the radio has led me to believe that modern "rock" music is a dead genre.

Another instrumental, another song where your commentary on the #1 sounding unique from the rest makes me want to hear the rest. Except I probably wouldn't like this one as much. At least you made the first song sound interesting with a bunch of different things going on at once, so that will be the one I try (if I actually go that far).

Occult Descartes was very cool. I vaguely remember the two VGMC songs listed and I think I liked this better than those. I especially like the first verse where she's singing in a whispering voice. It reminds me of Splatoon styled music mixed with "Supporting Me" from Sonic Adventure 2. The rest of the instrumentation stays interesting and I don't mind the vocals even when they stop whispering.

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