I rank 57 albums [ranking]

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I'm catching up on the topic! And committing myself to listening to the entirety of each #1 song posted, even if I want to skip them. Probably a lot of pain at the lower end of the list, but it will be worth it by the top half (I hope).

Agreed with Billy Talent sounding "safe". Somewhat generic, almost flowchart. That's not always a bad thing in every context but this song doesn't really do anything to make itself stand out.

Funny how the mere mention of putting Taylor Swift near the bottom of any ranking is enough to make some people upset. I'm the same way. It's not my style of music. I don't care how popular someone is "supposed to be", if they're in a genre that I don't listen to then I have no reason to put them on any pedestal, or go out of my way to "try" to like them. If I were making personal rankings of the songs in this topic then this one would probably be 57/57.

I remember "Dumbest Girl Alive" being the sample track when this album was nominated for Rank the Tracks. I don't think I voted for it, but I seem to remember it sounding much different than this song here. Based on the contrast between those two, and the constant comments about this group being very divisive, I still have no idea whether I'd like the rest of the album or not. I'd probably need a third song to tip the scale in order for me to take the plunge into listening to the rest.

Yours Truly, 2095 is my clear winner from page 1 of this topic, no hesitation. But I can imagine how an entire album of songs like this (with heavy emphasis on the narrative in the lyrics) can wear out its welcome. That's the only reason that I can imagine this album being rated so low, because from the sample alone it sounds like I'd rank it way higher.
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