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Board 8

51. Miracle Musical Hawaii: Part II
Neo-Psychedelia, Art Pop



1. Dream Sweet in Sea Major
2. The Mind Electric
3. Black Rainbows


From the first song, Miracle Musical attempts to emulate a time beyond memorythe 1950s, the most ancient of all times, with scratchy vocals and crackly crackles. That doesnt last long Isle Unto Thyself kicks into high gear as a poppy rock jam. Interestingly, the bands retro sensibilities remain intact: the singer croons like hes doing lounge, and the backup singers provide a sense of that 50s charm. There are modern touches though, like autotune and plenty of reverb.

I like the deep bass/frog vocals in Black Rainbows.

A lot of this is fine but not really gelling with me. The album overall makes me feel like Im missing some piece of understanding how to approach it. That happens to me sometimes, and once I get a better handle on context, I can approach things more clearly. But I couldnt find much info about this. Its a concept album of some kind, but I can barely make out the lyrics some of the time. However, a more pressing issue is the music just isnt resonating with me, and I dont know if context can help with that. Its all sort of blending together, which is strange because there are definitely distinguishable pieces: pianos and xylophones and fun singing. I just dont think its for me, and I cant offer up more in-depth feedback than that. Sorry!

The Mind Electric is neat at least. I can take or leave backwards-y type music but this ones cool.

Uhh unexpected hip-hop in Labyrinth. This isweird and out of nowhere.

My favorite song is the last one, Dream Sweet in Sea Major. Its evocative. I dont love it, but I guess it takes the top spot.

Sorry I dont have much to say on this one not all music is for everyone. I appreciate the nomination all the same!