Following the rules is stupid.

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Poll of the Day » Following the rules is stupid.
Following most laws in general just means youre obedient. Doing the right thing will never lead you to true success or prosperity.

Take my dad for example. He originally worked in construction for cash. He then proceeded to get accepted into every welfare program imaginable despite making $50k/yr in pure cash, which was pretty good in the 90s. He also drove without insurance and probably saved tens of thousands on that as well. He was then netting close to $80k/year while living basically rent-free (paid something like $50/month lol).

So anyway, he started making more, and laundered his money with the help of a family friend who was a lawyer, and started his own framing company. Now he hires a bunch of illegals from our community and trains them. He pays them somewhere around $14 for a job that an American citizen wouldn't touch for anything less than $40 an hour. And he gets every single contract he bids for, because the honest businesses just cant compete with his ultra low prices. He delivers results and gets repeat customers for high-end custom build McMansions for the new money in our local community.

I guess my point is that following the rules is for people wholl never escape the rat race. Actually, I think a large part of why certain groups of first-generation immigrants are successful here in America is that theyre true capitalists who understand that we're all supposed to bend the rules a little bit to gain an advantage over other people. As a matter of fact, we should all just ignore every single regulation that exists and just live our lives.
Your essay doesn't match your thesis at all.
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Yeah I make more money than him just doing my engineering job.
So are you saying it's stupid to follow rules because being bad will make you money, or that the rules aren't good enough for you? Seems like he abused a lot of rules and shouldn't be allowed to do those things. You could go to a town hearing and get involved in politics if you see an issue, then again I don't know if I would vote for you and your Senator Armstrong agenda...

Also kind of crazy how just getting those illegals citizenship would eliminate the main issue there. Not the welfare abuse, just the unfair wage competition.
TC followed the rules by separating his essay into paragraphs and sentences
Some guys have all the luck, Some guys have all the pain
Some guys get all the breaks, Some guys do nothing but complain
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As if we needed more evidence that getting ahead in capitalism requires exploitation and sociopathy.
I'm not a fan of this, personally.
Poll of the Day » Following the rules is stupid.