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Do you work in the medical field?

I do not, but my mom was a nurse. Several family friends and acquaintances of mine also work in health care as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, etc.
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no, but maybe yes? idk
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Yes, in IT.
People would die if I was anywhere near responsible for someone's health
So I was standing still at a stationary store...
Yes, analyst
I don't like stuff that sucks
I am in healthcare.
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No, and I'm not interested.
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My friend is a registered nurse and I make him laugh sometimes, so basically yes
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Health-adjacent. I'm involved in administering health program funding to Canada's First Nation communities.
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No, but I worked as a courier for awhile back in 2010 and we did a lot of jobs for Florida blood services.
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I worked as a CNA after graduating high school and did a stint in college, then I was a caregiver to one of my parents before they passed.
No. I was an admin worker in a hospital though.
Poll of the Day » Health Care and Medicine