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Hands down for me it's Mario because I grew up playing Mario games first.
Probably one of the pokemon, but of the Mario characters it'd be Toad.
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Jackie Chan
You are now blinking and breathing manually.

but Master Chief belongs on this list too
im gay
Vault Boy I guess
This day is gone. We can't relive it. It's gone forever.
prolly jack frost ho
My heart says Sonic but my head says Lara
yeah, I'm thinking I'm back
Mr. Nutz @Saxon
Should have had Pikachu, Master Chief, Link on this list.

They are bigger mascots then some of those characters.
Minutus cantorum, minutus balorum,
Minutus carborata descendum pantorum.
Probably Mario, just for the fact that hes my favorite playable character of this lot.
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I liked Crash back in the day, but over the last 2 decades they massacred my boy, so I just put other.
Sign here.
Are we going for whose games we like most, or which character we like most?
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Big bombs go kabang.
Resident Synthwave enjoyer.
Crash. He was more edgey looking in the 90s than mario. He made it clear he wasnt your daddys Plumber.
bubsy eats shit yet again.
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Nade_Duck posted...
bubsy eats shit yet again.
I get him and Conker mixed up
yeah, I'm thinking I'm back
Mega Man > Pac-Man > the rest
Bells, bells, bells!
This fucker
I call Cthulhu "daddy"
Poll of the Day » Video game mascots