What is my next movie ?

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Poll of the Day » What is my next movie ?
Oppenheimer is great, probably best of last year

edit: second best after Across the Spiderverse
Big yellow joint big yellow joint I'll meet you down at the big yellow joint
Infinity Pool is the best MCU movie
"Salt cures Everything!"
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Big RE fan obviously, I heard DI is decent
Damnit forgot to put Sanic 1 in the poll
Death Island is fucking great.
4/1/2023 - Super Mario Sunshine>>>>Super Mario 64
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ZayKayWill posted...
Death Island is fucking great.
So I hear
Any one else

oppenheimer and saw are tied so someone break it
Wicker Man just for that scene with the chick dancing.
Is wickerman the original or the nick cage remake?

I rank them as
2) Wickerman (if the original film)
3) Resident Evil dead island (I didnt watch but it looks interesting)
Original from the 70s
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Poll of the Day » What is my next movie ?