I don't normally care for workplace drama but

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Poll of the Day » I don't normally care for workplace drama but
I am the general manager of a liquor store. I have poached two employees from the Dollar Tree in the plaza because I have a union job in a much calmer environment that provides a decent retail wage with a clear path to full time making benefits. The two I have poached have mentioned how much better they like working at my store because the employees are better, the work is easier, and it's not as crazy. And they get paid more!

So once in a while I hear Dollar Tree drama. Oh, Zach is being weird? They had one cashier and 20 customers in line? I...don't really care about dollar tree shit because I don't work there and neither do they.

BUT today some real shit happened.

A few months ago they got a new GM over there. Nobody liked her. I think this may be the reason I ended up with the two I did, because one got fired because they I guess said she could do something then pulled the rug out from under her, and the other I think was looking for a new job because of toxic GM.

However, within the past couple of days it was uncovered that 8 bank deposits are missing, totaling like 20 grand. Now, the aforementioned Zach guy IS a little weird, but the plan, I suspect, was to blame the weird kid about it. However, he didn't do it, and while he is kinda weird, I totally would have been mega pissed off if he got in trouble just because "well he's weird"

Nah turns out that stupid GM took the money and was led out of the store in handcuffs earlier today by the local PD.

I don't know how dollar tree's systems work, but I know where I work at I don't know how I'd hide missing money like this. I'd never even try but I don't see how I would ever succeed since we use a smart safe I cannot open up(outside of the storage compartments or to clear a blocked bill acceptor).

But yeah, this is kinda crazy. I don't normally care for stupid workplace drama but the GM of a store being led out in handcuffs because of missing deposits. I feel bad for the one employee the finger was pointed at first. He doesn't need this kind of anxiety, and in fact I'd encourage him to look for a new job(I have no openings) even if the accuser is essentially fired.
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They don't notice the money is missing because they won't pay
for office employees any more than they will cashiers. I used to do closing deposits in a retail store, and every so often we would have some sort of technical issue or employee screw-up that meant that our deposit would not match our paperwork. We would email accounting and let them know we had an error.

Then we would take pictures/document it so that we would be able to remember what happened....5 or 6 weeks later, when accounting finally noticed that our deposit was wrong.
Poll of the Day » I don't normally care for workplace drama but