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58 arrested in New England immigration sweep

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If you think a border wall is stopping 50% of immigration then I have a cult that may interest you.

There is a long stretch of the border in Arizona, about 36.6 miles of that looked something like this:


From this fact check where Obama basically lied about it.

That kind of fence is for stopping vehicles... not people. Most of the illegal border crossing happen in hot spots because it's easier to get through. I don't need to believe Trump on anything, I can do my own research. The difference between some of you and me is that I actually do research, while many of you listen to the brainwashing of politicians.

The border wall would cut off many of the crossing points and can potentially stop much more than just 10%. 50% is a reasonable estimate.

Well you're certainly sipping someone's koolaid.

Yeah, he's a hardcore Trump cultist. A brainwashed fool. Probably one of those idiots who likes to say anti Trump people are all NPCs

You're still talking after I pimp-slapped your 10% estimate? You have nothing to offer, so you try to piggy back off of someone who also has nothing to offer to offset your shame? Typical.

You should read your own posts occasionally.
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