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A serious question for flatearthers

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At first I thought there was no way Trump was getting removed and I even thought going through with impeachment was a waste of time. But as the investigation went on I thought more and more that the process should be carried out to its end. Even if it doesn't serve any purpose, it's the right thing to do. Yes it's really a moral imperative.

And actually I've started to think that the Republicans might decide that they don't have to keep literally dealing with Trump and they can take a chance on Pence instead, or whoever. Right now the party seems to be projecting this image that they are 100% behind Trump but I'm absolutely sure this could quickly if maybe not easily change.

They're playing it very cautiously and slowly, which is understandable because after all Trump didn't do everything he's done just by himself. But again, I have no doubt that if they see a chance to get rid of Trump with acceptable consequences, they will take it. Trump knows this as well, he knows it all too well, he knows he depends on them more than ever, which is why he's surely trying to deal with them but also why being the idiot that he is there's actually a good chance that he'll screw up. There's an interesting strand of stupidity and failure in Trump.

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