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Spidey5 posted...
Just finished binging a show called Kamisama no Memochou, or Heaven's Memo Pad. Wew boy do I have mixed feelings about this show.

Haven't really watched the anime version, but I did read 3 volumes of the novel way back in the day.
Pretty much one of the first few mystery genre stuff aside from Detective Conan that I've read, and I thought it was pretty fun.
Volume 3 was my favorite arc out of the three, but the anime covered up to just volume 2, I think? Because I've seen spoilers and it ends with Ayaka waking from her coma, same as the beginning of volume 3.
That was part of the reason why I never watched the anime past episode 1, which I'm pretty sure was anime-original aside from character introductions.

Also don't really remember any prominent shipping between Narumi and Alice in particular though. I thought it was made pretty clear that the dude is interested in Ayaka. (Then again, it's been almost 10 years since I've read them)

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