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knuxnole posted...
Jergensmeat posted...
So is this being deemed sexist???

Anyways, the kid must've been verbally abused too before if this really ignited his anger at worst, no way someone would just do this because of "names".


Its against girls!

You have to suck at life to be bullied by females as a male

Also you know its illegal to hit a girl. A real man

NEVER hits a girl
Under any circumstance!!!!!

Fuck that; if a woman (or man struck me,) I'd force feed her teeth to her. We're all human, once you cross that line, all bet's are off. And I don't want to hear that women are 'emotional,' cuz men are too, period. You wanna get violent? Ok...I don't care what sex you are, you're gonna get rekt (or maybe I'd get rekt, but I'm definitely swinging back.)

Not saying that I'd take pride in it, but NO ONE gets a free pass for assaulting someone else. Besides there's a lot of women that are capable of kicking men's asses...we're all human. I'd be more merciful towards a female if she got violent, but she'll still need to see the dentist afterwards, or I'd just throw a RNC on her so she can think about it after she wakes up.
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