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Save my Kirby Copy Ability: Round 52 RULE CHANGE

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Would you like to see another Save My after this one is over?

Welcome to Round 52 of Save my Kirby Copy Ability! Last time, Water went down the drain, leaving Wing as our final W ability! Round 52 and 53 will require six saves for an ability to be safe.

Please read the rules below before you make a post.

Rules (Stolen from UnderUrMattress):
  • You personally (no bots/scripts/lending of accounts) can save 1 copy ability per hour.
  • A copy ability needs 6 votes to be saved.
  • 6 unique users need to save a copy ability for that copy ability to be saved.
  • Ambiguous saves will not count.
  • Last copy ability unsaved is eliminated.
  • No alts, rallies, trades, or editing votes.
  • Only _Keeby can start up new topics.
  • Community Rule is in effect. Deliberate rules violations will result in bans.
  • Have fun!

And heres the list!

[0] Artist -
[0] Mirror -
[0] Ninja -
[0] Wing -
[0] Yo-Yo -


One Save:
56th: Mini
55th: Throw
54th: Bell
53rd: Balloon
52nd: Missile
51st: Needle
50th: Ball
49th: Animal
48th: Metal
47th: Bubble
46th: Laser
45th: Bomb
44th: Burning
43rd: Freeze
42nd: Circus
41st: Wrestler

Two Saves:
40th: Cupid
39th: Backdrop
38th: Spider
37th: Poison
36th: Archer
35th: Spark
34th: Copy
33rd: Fire
32nd: Spear
31st: Beetle
30th: Staff
29th: Cutter
28th: Leaf
27th: Magic
26th: Ice
25th: Ghost
24th: Jet
23rd: Hi-Jump
22nd: Stone
21st: UFO

Three Saves:
20th: Cleaning
19th: Whip
18th: Suplex
17th: Plasma
16th: Sword
15th: Parasol
14th: Doctor
13th: ESP

Four Saves:
12th: Hammer
11th: Wheel
10th: Tornado
9th: Fighter

Five Saves:
8th: Beam
7th: Smash Bros.
6th: Water

Six Saves:

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