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Underleveled posted...
Has there been any talk about exactly what time things are going down on the 27th? It's already late afternoon in Japan so it could possibly happen before noon on the 26th for us.

I don't think they ever specified when, and I really doubt they would assume that the average person knows about Japan time. The 27th may still be good to make purchases, but I'd be safe and get everything you want bought by today.

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KateWadman posted...
From: WhiteLens | #412
If I had I don't think I would've forgotten to enter the dlc code...

The only experience I've had with the game is playing one match with Ezio at a display when the game came out.

either way. add me. play tomorrow?

Errr, that's not really a time for me, I'll be busy, but Wednesday should be good for me.
I'll add you the next time I turn on my PS3.
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