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Here are two Ted talks from 2018 with hardcore leftist women defending pedophilia, but they're women so the media didn't care. If these speakers were men, they probably would have been arrested within 24 hours.

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There are videos from that same kid promoting drug use and how LGBTQ should get changed to LGBTQP, with P standing for pedophilia.

I would like to point out that after doing some searching, I'm unable to find actual information on this that didn't originate from Ulti.You'd think such a thing would be mentioned in literally any source, especially considering how upsetting this appears to be for some people, wouldn't you?

Unless Ulti provides some evidence, this doesn't appear to be true.

Well Ulti posting fake news might make me question his past and future posts
I just assumed he wouldn't post something fake and believed this is a real thing that happened
Seriously, Ulti?

The adult in this video, and I use this term very loosely, openly admits this child is doing ketamine and pretends not to know the "P" stands for "Pedosexual". Ketamine is a schedule 3 drug that we lock up in a safe at work and use to induce anesthesia, in case anyone wants to know how fucked up it is when abused. We don't have to log it (controlled drugs and schedule drugs are different classes), but it's still very easily abused.

Let's not forget Salon wrote multiple articles defending this trash and thought pedophilia would be the next big trend. Let's not forget the Today show having this kid on multiple times. They are trying to normalize pedophilia. Anyone in denial of this is willfully ignorant.