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Anyone had trouble with clarithromycin?

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Hmm. I'm not a big shoe person, for someone perceived as female! I think I have maybe half a dozen pairs of footwear...? Let's see...

- a pair of blue-black floral flipflops
- a pair of fluffy burgundy Hogwarts slippers
- a pair of black ankle boots
- a pair of knee-high black boots (but I can't wear them, they have holes at each toe that need repairing)
- a pair of pink & purple floral wellies
- a pair of white satin ballet flats
- a pair of silver/rainbow-holographic low kitten heels.

And... that's it! No high heels for me, they're not my thing at all. An inch or an inch and a half is about as high as I get.

Trialia ~
PSN: Trialia_X, Xaedere (100%) | XBL: trialia, Noquelle (100%)

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