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Excel Question

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Wait. Question about this. I think I misunderstood and now I'm worried things aren't as great as I was thinking. I guess I'm confused and want clarification.

So for example, Demon's Souls:

For store credit pro member, it's worth $3.30. This makes me think I can go take it in and get $8.30. Is that accurate?

I guess what confused me is that Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn:

Cash value is $20 and store credit is $25. I guess this made me think the site was already including the extra $5 in the trade-in price. But I guess that can't be true because of Demon's Souls?

EDIT: Follow up question
Portal 2:

Is worth less than $2 cash, more than $2 store credit. Would I get the extra $5 for this?

I'm not sure who this MI guy is but he sounds sexy.

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