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lmao Crackdown 3 lmao Xbox

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Youngster_Joey_ posted...
The_Scarecrow posted...
Youngster_Joey_ posted...
Why do you care so much, tho?

I think it's amusing especially since all my friends constantly shit on me for liking Playstation and Nintendo. They all exclusively play on Xbox so it's nice having fuel whenever they start ragging on me for playing Smash or some PS4 exclusive like Spider-Man. Otherwise, I wouldn't really care.

So all your friends are on Gamefaqs?

Shit, that's sad man. My condolences.

Right, it's a struggle.

MabusIncarnate posted...
I can imagine all the bros you get excited at the cafeteria table before recess with news like this.


Are we just going to pretend that Sony and Microsoft aren't constantly competing with each other? Are we going to pretend that Bigfoot isn't real as well?