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Do you think this means anything? (About friends)

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While we're on the subject of friends, I am worried we won't be in touch anymore after she moves to a different job. She might get a new job early next year.

She was going to get a new one a few months ago and I was a bit worried but she had told me I could go visit her at the new job. But she ended up staying at our current job. Unfortunately we don't see each other much because of our schedules. But when I do see her at work, I have a blast.

I have her number and we text a bit sometimes. We do most of the talking at work and have fun that way. I'd like to hang out with her outside of work but she really is busy. I am also afraid to ask her out again because I don't want to risk damaging our friendship. But she is completely cool with me liking her.

Anyways, what can I do to stay in touch with her more often? I know that sounds weird to ask considering I have her number but I don't have an idea on what to talk to her about via texting. She can also take a while to reply. And she is very busy.

Im asking because I dont see her much at work and I miss her.

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