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Speaking of The Switch, I was watching The Nintendo Direct yesterday, on my way to visit my brother at his rehab facility, and my wife was like, "Are they really remaking Link's Awakening?" I said "Yup" and she said "interesting."

She excused herself and went to the restroom after we arrived. She was gone for a very long time, and I got worried. She eventually came back, and said she had tummy issues. We ended up going home instead of out to dinner for Valentine's, as she works all day today. I get inside and start playing with the cats, and bam she comes back inside with...

A Nintendo Switch!

She bought me a damn Switch yesterday. She got it for my Valentine's Day gift. (Yesterday was also the 7 year Anniversary of our first date.) I just got her a bag of chocolates. I guess I better do better today huh?
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