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I liked Captain Marvel, but I didn't love it as much as my wife. She's a 90's kid, kind of like most of us in here, and a woman, and a borderline feminist. (I once told her she was too weak to push me up the ramp at my house, and she did it out of spite. I never questioned her strength again, and she never lets me forget it either.)

My point is that clearly the film isn't for us, but I see the target they were aiming for, and it misses for us, but not for her. I think of it like Black Panther. I love that film, it's literally made for a middle aged black man to gush over that film. My very white wife looked at me after the credits in the empty theater and said, "I'm well aware how white I am after watching that film. I would be uncomfortable watching this in a theater without you."

I personally don't like the choices made in Captain Marvel, but I'm not going to call her Captain Msrysue, and be a jerk. It's like calling Black Pnther, "Negro Cat." Let's be better than that.

We are who we choose to be.

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