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I've had three major surgeries in the last three weeks. Two on my chest and one on my right leg. My graft in my chest finally failed, and in the process of getting it fixed I kind of died. I don't recommend almost dying. I was weak as a baby kitten for a few weeks, and now I'm finally getting back to normal.

In wrestling related news my DVR quit recording NXT. I have no idea why but when my wife and I got back home late Tuesday night it wasn't on my list.

I'm kind of sad because the two things I wanted to see was the fued between LA Knighy and Caneron Grimes and the stiff with Samoa Joe. I'll catch

Finally Main Event Jey Uso might have a drinking problem as he got pulled over for a DUI again, and now he's off television. He probably won't get fired, but he apparently does need help.

We are who we choose to be.

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