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Trump fans chant "SEND HER BACK!" towards a US citizen

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Her ridiculous statements aside, a first time DUI in NC blowing a .18 seems to probably be an Aggravated DUI charge, but with no other mitigating factors I really don't think she'd get jail time but I'm surprised she didn't get a 90 days mandatory sobriety SCRAM anklet. I just had a buddy popped for .19 in NY who lost his license(tho got a hardship conditional for work or any medical and court procedures almost immediately) and part of his pretrial plea while the case is pending is wearing something that tracks your BAC every hour or something through sweat, and if passed gets charges dropped down to Driving While Ability Impaired.

Fact is jails are overcrowded and cost the state money to house people. If they can find a way to just make the perp pay more so the state doesn't have to, they have no issue dropping charges.
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