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ChaosTonyV4 posted...
Peace___Frog posted...
A quick look at the person who is now Bernie's press secretary
@realDonaldTrump is right. The dems pushed the "Russia did the hacking" angle b/c it was politically advantageous for them. #debatenight

Thanks but no thanks

Lmao literally only Bernie (edit: and this is bombast, but hes definitely being held to a higher standard than any other candidate) is held to the standard of one person who works for him said something I dont like, so its ok for me to never support him.

I count 5 replies in the last 30 minutes (wonder who dug this tweet back up) from people saying theyd never vote for him, but theres a problem when I said Id have reservations about voting for a guy who doesnt let strangers children have personal space? Come on, guys

I think Peaf is being unreasonable here (and likely disingenuous as I doubt he'd vote for Bernie anyway), but you have been soft accusing Biden of being a pedophile with absolutely no evidence outside of the sort of stuff you see on r/the_donald or 4chan and said you aren't sure if you'd vote for him over Trump so you literally have no room to talk about this.

Bernie is coming around to my top tier of candidates based on the fact I think he would draw in a lot of support other candidates may miss, but boy oh boy do Bernie supporters make that hard.
"I thought you were making up diseases? That's spontaneous dental hydroplosion."