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WhiskeyDisk posted...
Kyuubi4269 posted...
WhiskeyDisk posted...
I don't think hunting deer with a rifle is particularly sporting

Deers have very keen senses, using anything else is asking to go hungry, your statement also goes against:

WhiskeyDisk posted...
I think bowhunting bears and boars is needlessly risky.

So when it's sporting it's stupid, and when it's not sporting it's stupid too?

A deer is no threat to me physically. If I graze it with my shot and only wound it, it isn't going to come at me and try to eat my face. Very different situation against a bear or a boar. If I'm living solely off the land and a bow is all I have, then that's what I have to hunt with. Given a choice, the rifle is preferred provided a steady ammo supply, but I can make arrows. Point being, you can take a hundred yards shot at a deer with a rifle. Good luck on a kill shot at that range with a bow. As a rule, you need to be much closer to your prey with the bow, so against certain game it really is a safety issue is what I'm saying.

A deer will fuck you up man. Those bitches ram with their horns. 400+ pounds of wild animal coming at you isn't a threat?
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