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NBA Finals Discussion

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plasmabeam posted...
I liked Morgana's cold attitude toward the Big 3. Most stories would've shoehorned in some warm, cathartic forgiveness, but Morgana clings to her grudges, and this stuck me as genuine. Forgiveness is a complicated thing, even when it absolutely needs to happen.

i think morgana's reaction was appropriate for sure - those scenes just kind of felt like a drag, no doubt because i was beginning to get a little impatient, and was a bit fed up because the preceding events had been so grim. but yeah, with the distance of a day or two, it's already looking a little better in my memory!

GANON1025 posted...
I'm glad you enjoyed it overall. Fata Morgana is probably the best story I've ever read; and the characters, story and music and still fresh in my mind even today. The final ending scene of Michel and Giselle meeting again is probably one of my favorite endings ever, it really hit for me.

that's fair! for me, giselle disappearing for the last segment of the game was kind of a bummer that took some wind out of my sails. but i was happy in the end to see them reunited.

UshiromiyaEva posted...

Well buddy do I have good news for you.

so on this note - i have the switch version, which i believe comes with extra content - where should i start there?

yet all azuarc of all sorts are more or less capricious and unreliable - they live in the varying outer weather, and they inhale its fickleness

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