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Huh. Well, I still like the Digimon one anyway!

Will get to the newly posed songs later, but Im going to detour and take a few songs from Every Time I Die - Low Teens here; Im in the mood for the band tonight, but dont think I want to marathon all 15 songs in a row, so Ill hit a few tonight and come back to the album again later.

Fear and Trembling: Opening with Kierkegaard references, huh? No real favorite lyrics, though nothing I disliked. Kind of a low mid-tier song for the band, I think.

Glitches: One of the so intense I kinda black out songs from the band.

C++ (Love Will Get You Killed): I thought this was one of the two songs Bane specifically wanted me to listen to from the album since it involves his wife almost dying in childbirth, but it seems that particular track is Petals... well, certainly cant blame Buckley for having multiple songs dealing with that trauma (somehow I doubt its only going to be relevant to two songs). Anyway, I kinda like this? Its still not my genre, but theres enough power in the lyrics that I have some emotional connection with the song... probably somewhere in the 60s for it.

...I should probably break here, but one of the songs Im supposed to listening to is track 6, so lets try to get through the first 6 songs.

Two Summers: Not quite my thingits a bit more mellow than some of the other songs, but I lack any particular connection to anything in it. I will say that the The Tell-Tale Heart reference was clever. Very Buckley.

Awful Lot: Some of his better lyrics here:

Why cant it be the year 2000
I want to live in the year 2000
When I was dumb enough to truly believe

Theres that blunt sadness I look for. Still not as good as Revival Mode, but something I might want a playlist somewhere.

I Didnt want to Join Your Stupid Cult Anyway: Probably in the early 50s for a score? Like, you think Id have a very strong reaction to it in some way, but its just like... okay, I didnt mind that.

Well, I like 2 of the songs, so thats pretty good so far. Its a good enough average that I look forward to hearing the rest of the album later.
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