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Game: Concealed the Conclusion
Title: Blue Sea of 53 Minutes
Composer: ZUN, myon
Nominator: xp1337

This one's another "I think major V chords in a minor song sound stupid" song (really hate :22 and all the parts with that chord change and how much it feels like emphasizing it hamfistedly. Like it's not like I by principle despise that chord change being in a song but it's creepy how often it makes me like something less. I think it's mostly when it feels to much like it's emphasized that it's at the end of a section though because it always feels like a big flashing arrow that says "EXIT" and spoiling the ending and for lack of a better word almost always feels 'cheesy' to me). I wouldn't be bothered by it so much if it didn't happen so many times here but it does so it makes me MAD, ruins the atmosphere to me of what I'd otherwise think is fairly cool.

I can't decide whether or not I like the really fake grace note at like :23 during that chord i don't like. It's part of what's emphasizing that part I hate out AND it's a cheesy use of a grace note in itself but it also is the sort of cheesy that is like "fake computer music" and I like that sound so HMMM I can't decide. I flip flop on whether I think that makes it better or worse for me. Definitely brings me out of it though it BRTEAKS MY IMMERSION though that it happens like every single time. I think if it only happened once it'd be like "oh cool you're a living person playing an instrument" but with it every time it feels so much like copypaste obviously sequenced music...but that artificiality is part of why it's attractive. I guess I flip flop back and forth with touhou music in general, on whether the overt fakeness almost all of it has is something I think is cool or something I really dislike. Just depends on context and in this case it's really mood based for me...

The reason this is this high within this tier though is because I like the RAndom tempo changes!!! Similarly it has odd bar phrasing, it's not in groups of 4 bars evenly every time. In fact the part I complained about is part of that weirdness. The phrasing is like 4 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 2 in the first section. Not 'odd time' but it's a similar enough concept that I'm just as attracted to. At this tempo the phrases in groups of 3 4/4 bars is /basically/ the same feeling as slow 6/4 time anyways, which isn't "odd time" either but it's still distinct feeling in this context. THE POINT IS the timing of stuff isn't super basic rhythmically at a number of levels and I like that.

Also I think this isn't really intentional and probably isn't how most people would hear it but...I personally feel a lot of ambiguity on where beat 1 is a lot of the time here. Basically if you're paying a ton of attention to the elements that come in an 8th note later than beat 1, it can really trip up how you feel this I think. Especially noticeable in the more ambient sections (and their contrast with the more energetic sections in terms of reference point I think is extremely COOL)

A lot of the audio production here feels kind of "amateur" to me, but I'm not going to complain about it too much because I actually like it. The weird filters on the drums make it more interesting than if it were just nothing. It has this weird atmosphere penetrating the whole thing that's extremely...watery. blue sea of 53 minutes. one of the comments says "I feel like playing Metroid from 1:33 to the end. " and that's the feeling I get too. It's very sci-fi giant test tube with weird creatures in it feeling. I've been really eager about "watery" feeling things lately I like feeling like I am submerged underwater because about a month ago I figured out that I can turn into a leopard shark (Triakis semifasciata) if I think very hard but it is much less convenient to do that when I am not underwater because then I can not breathe