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ITT: post your cold-to-mild takes

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Tupacrulez posted...
Maybe I'm just blind as fuck, but I don't see "trans imagery" in that shit you posted.

And since it's been posted by people specifically looking for that trans imagery, they have a clear bias and narrative.

What I'm saying is, if someone said, in 1999, "hey this film is filled with transgender imagery", I'd buy it.
But now it's just people looking for it.

There. I spelled er out for ya.

In a 2016 GLAAD Media Awards speech, Lilly Wachowski said "Theres a critical eye being cast back on Lana and Is work through the lens of our transness. This is a cool thing because its an excellent reminder that art is never static."

I thought this was an interesting quote from the filmmakers, though of course it doesn't confirm or deny anything. It's simply a nice statement about how beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Ultimately we all have our own unique views and opinions on stuff, and there's nothing stopping you from seeing the movie as a standard sci-fi flick. There's also no real reason why people should pay the author any mind after the text has been published - death of the author is a thing - or why people should view the text through a different lens.

But in the same vein, there's nothing stopping someone from applying a new critical framework to an old text. Even if something is unintended, the fact that there are movies that seem to meet the views of these critical frameworks is worth discussing among people who are open to that sort of thing.

Basically, no-one has to view The Matrix as depicting LGBTQIA themes if they don't want to, but the discussion is there, things seem to be lining up for the people who find the idea fascinating and people are interested in the idea. This doesn't supercede the text, but applying it as subtext has got a lot of people excited.

Anyone can enjoy the text as it stands, but applying different ideas, theories and themes as subtext isn't necessarily bunk if that's not an angle you're interested in pursuing.

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