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You're all talking shit about the fart alien and the concrete face, but that shit's from the single worst episode in his run. He had plenty of great episodes.

It's like if I heaped shit on Moffat solely for that dogshit "mind virus" episode, where the threat of the episode was basically a z-tier version of The Ring/The Game that was framed like a YouTube video. I find a lot more to heap shit on as a matter of personal preference, but that episode was objectively my least favourite Moffat episode - I'd even say it was THE worst episode of his entire run - and I almost never bring it up because it's genuinely such a miserable excuse of an episode. No-one needs to hear how shitty it is ad infinitum.

Like I'll admit I'm a fanboy for Davies, but at least inject some variety into the criticism. As.if his entire run was as bad as Love and Monsters - sod off.

I'm gonna burn it all down today, and sweep all the ashes away
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