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There were like three old couples and a young mother with a kid lol. I think they showed it at 10AM on a Wednesday or Saturday during the school holidays, where the cinema basically just farts some filler out for the day crowd.

That was the year after Sing came out, and it only screened in my podunk fuckin town after the new year. I also had to sit in on Middle School: The Worst Years Of My Life, Monster Trucks, Lion and A Dog's Purpose - maybe a couple more. Collateral Beauty was the worst thing I saw during my whole stint there.

The one shining pinnacle of my time at that cinema was getting to watch Logan in an empty theatre with some friends. I had to work that Saturday, and I told my friends that Logan was on - so they came to watch it, as well as like five rando walk-ins. Same 10AM showing as Collateral Beauty got. The movie was great, the viewers didn't leave a giant fucking mess, and I got to leave straight afterwards to spend time with my buds. Best Saturday ever.
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