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11 people responsible for most book bans in U.S.

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chrono625 posted...
except testimonials from the other kids on the boat verify alcohol consumption. But they dont say anything about sharks.

so kindly please STFU.

But we don't know how drunk he actually was just based off their testimony. Because everybody has their own levels of drunkness.

Just because nobody is screaming shark doesn't mean that's not why they weren't freaking out. Also the authorities have repeatedly stated how it was shark-infested, and all of the evidence as well as the fact that sharks follow ships are in play.

You're just pissy because similar to Republicans you don't like being treated and addressed the same way you treat and address others. I'm only matching your own obnoxious energy.

People like you have no good explanation for why his brain would just suddenly shit itself and tell him to do a 180 and swim away from the large ship with lights after he was already successfully swimming towards the orange buoy and turned around suddenly after we see the shape and everybody on the boat start freaking out, you're just dismissing the most logical conclusion for why someone would do that because a shark didn't leap out of the water like it was fucking Shark Week.

So you kindly please STFU.

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