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4.16 : Burning Low - Princess is back!!! Her and Finn are so cute together. I guess it was a date? Cute. PBG is meanwhile collecting taxes from their house. PBG freaks out about Finn and Flame Princess getting together. I'm assuming that if Flame Princess is pissed off she will destroy lotsa stuff. He finally told off PBG for basically kinda well... somewhat of a tease? Turns out if FP kisses someone she can destroy the world. Zoinks. FP and Finn do kiss, but Jake stops the world ending reaction. Finn still thinks PBG is jealous as the episode ends. PBG is kinda a bitch in this episode. Her whole like, "You have to be my hero" mentality is horse-shit.

4.17 : BMO Noire - I'm gonna assume this is an episodic episode after the somewhat heavy last couple. Finn lost a sock and BMO is on the case! At first s/he suspects Ronnie the Rat. Never trust Ronnie.

Lorraine was next, a previous lover of BMO's and currently with Ronnie. But she is also with Bebe, who has the sock. Bebe blames Ronnie, but is murdered before we can get the whole picture, BMO framed for the death. Ronnie apparently used the sock to grab some treasure. But it was Lorraine who framed everyone and took the treasure. BMO let her go after she told him where the sock was.

... this was far more entertaining than it had any right to be.


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