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so i got the Artemis + Zeus duo boon 'Lightning Rod' and holy smokes that kicks ass. i had that, Zeus dash along with rare Jolted and the Zeus legendary that split bolts. between the Artemis cast spamming and the quadrule-dash bolt madness i didn't need to do much else at all.

i'm finally getting into the weapon aspects and upgrading them with blood now that i can clear reliably. definitely like Hades on Spear, at only level 3 the +90% damage slaps. Chiron Bow at lvl3 makes huge difference vs lvl2 because I can get full Hangover stacks in one special.

last night i finally (story spoilers) brought Mamma Perseph back home and got her Keepsake. that thing is sexy.

i still dont have any companions, i've done at least one npc's quest but ive not been able to gift ambrosia. i assume i just need to wait and keep talking? also don't have the keepsake from Hades. i gifted him one Nectar after my first clear but it's not letting me give him another. assume i just gotta keep clearing and talking?

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