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The Vampire Survivors Topic

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Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts (Switch/SNES)'s been a long time coming.
I was never able to beat Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts legitimately, until now. All I had to do was change up my strategy for the last level on the second loop.

Did the first loop, go through the second loop and ignore the Goddess Bracelet up until Level 7.
Basically, just hang on to the Gold Armor and Dagger. Abuse the hell out of the temporary i-frames every time you use the Fire Dragon (when you charge up the Dagger) to plow through the game.

After taking out the last Red Arremer Ace in Level 7 (surprisingly, they don't have that many in this game), I find a treasure chest that contains the Goddess Bracelet to beat Asutaroto (Astaroth) and Nebiroth. Beating them both with the Goddess Bracelet takes forever and you have to use a lot of patience to take them down. Time is also most certainly on your side on that double boss fight and running out of time is just brutal. That's actually low key the only hard part in the game.

But yeah, it felt good to finally beat this game after so many years and can finally put it behind me.

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