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NBA Discussion topic - postseason imminent

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v_charon posted...
I feel like the coaching carousel these days has gotten out of control. Perhaps it was always this way, but I feel increasingly like there aren't coaches closely associated with the culture of a team. There really are just a few teams out there that feel that way. 3 of the last 4 title winning coaches have been fired, and only Steve Kerr hasn't been, who is one of the few that feels like he's part of a team's culture and it'd be hard to imagine him not there. The next coach that is still on a team he coached to the finals is all the way back in 2014 with Popovich, and then Spoelstra. Even if the Heat blow this series I can't picture them firing him over it either, though I could be wrong on that perhaps.

It really feels like the era of the great coaches has gone though. I think once the three guys I mentioned are gone, it might be an endless cycle of hiring and firing with no one closely associated with any one franchise.
I think this year was a coincidental confluence of factors. The fact is that the league is driven by players. Coaches can only do so much, and this dynamic means that sometimes coaches are carried by the players and when that veil gets exposed, stuff hits the fan.

Look at the guys fired: Bud should've been gone 2 years ago but he got bought some time by giannis and co winning the title. When his team underperformed yet again, the same criticisms got brought up as last time they failed and he was fired for that reason. Nurse is probably a good coach but also only has 1 title and was explicitly carried by Kawhi to that title; he also had been giving signs iirc that he wasn't totally invested there anymore, he even thought about retiring I thought? Doc has always been a players' coach instead of an x's/o's coach, and was riding his successful celtics time for years. I think the only questionable one is monty, and I think that was mostly a case of new ownership wanting to bring in his own guy, but I don't think he alone is the herald of a new age of coaching carousels or something.

Coaches have always been fired for the reasons that the above guys were, this season there just happened to be a bunch of high profile ones all at once.

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