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This game is going to be an endurance test for the people who survive until the end. Even assuming this game ends on day seven with only one mislynch and six dead scum that is nearly 3 full weeks of mafia counting night phases. But it could drag out more than that. As days go on and we hit scum we gain information but also there are less targets to hit and you will start losing power, your best players, or both. Conserving energy, being prudent, and doing our best to hide our best roles from scum doesn't seem important now that we feel good but four days from now maybe we will be really regretting how we played some days. Did hb need to claim to kill scum day one on hindsight? Nope. Was claiming prostitute worth it? Meh. Claiming cop when we have a scum right in front of us? Maybe.

These are decisions that feel simple and not a big deal when the game is going well. And maybe we just sweep scum and my caution is needless. But town has choked on plenty of games.

Sir Chris

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