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Cat / Chat 5: Cat no banana

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MabusIncarnate posted...
PrideOfLion posted...
I'm not vegan but it's a bit ridiculous for people to say vegans are insufferable when there are like a dozen pics of meat in this topic

Actually, I disagree entirely. This thread is intended for non-vegans. It's not a vegan thread, it's intention is asking non-vegans their opinion on the matter and whether or not the feel sorry for vegans. Clearly a vegan isn't going to feel sorry for a vegan, hence it's not the target demographic of this topic. If you put that in perspective, it's a thread full of non-vegans, and some posted the food they consume in a thread not intended for vegans to begin with.

Most vegans were at one point in their life, or even for most of their lives, people that consumed animal products. Vegans are better able to weigh in as they have more perspective and understand from both sides

I thought a lot of dumb things about veganism until I tried it and did my research. And I only thought those things because of what (nonvegan) people would say to make themselves feel better about maintaining the status quo
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