'whoops' I wiped out 80% of the active db (2019 Jan-May). Anything purged before early May is lost... (details)

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My job is mostly about inventing tools to make it easier...

One thing I do miss is the laptop at my old job had a docking station, so I could just dock my laptop to use it like a desktop at my desk. Now I have a USB hub, which while I understand why they use it I would love to have the convenience of a dock because the hubs are so finicky. Some times it doesn't want to work, or recognize things, etc. The dock just handled everything perfectly because it had it's own set of dedicated graphic hardware, meaning the laptop was essentially just used for the CPU and hard drive.

So I guess if I had to invent something, it would be a cheap wireless dock to replace my USB hub. That way I get the benefits of the USB hub (cheaper and more universal then a dock) but with the convenience I got with the dock.
I am a senior software engineer. If you see me post here, I am tired of writing TPS reports.