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Ok, so I watched half of it. Here are some summaries...

Woody and Demi are newlyweds (basically, dated since high school). He's an architect and she's a realtor. They're saving to buy a house their building. The realty market turns south, and they are hurting for money. They NEED $50k to get this house. Ultimately, they decide the best route to fortune is gambling. They go to a casino in Vegas and count on winning it big.

While at the casino, Demi is wandering around and she goes into a clothes shop, a fancy one. She playfully swipes some candies set out for customers, and Redford sees here.

They talk about this dress he'd like to buy her and she says no.

Later that evening, her and woody hit pretty big in the casino playing craps, to the tune of $25k.

I forget in which order some of the details happen, but they decide to try to gamble for the other $50k, but they lose their ass big in roulette.

They had already met Redford the earlier evening as he was playing stud poker.

Eventually he asks them to come hang at his penthouse, and then he pops the question.

They debate with themselves back at their room. They agree to go for it. AND...

more later.

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