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IdiotMachine posted...
Blbmbr666 posted...
After watching that video, I wouldn't buy a Ranger atm. Didn't realize this is just a localization of an older model from 2012. Either wait to get the newer Ranger in like 2 years or get something else IMO.

Agreed. Talked with the missus and we think we'll wait until 2020 Ranger or see what Toyota does to be competitive with the Ranger. Because except for the history of the Tacoma, there seems to be nothing better about it vs the Ranger.

you could wait. the thing with waiting for the next gen ranger is next gens are usually riddled with glitches and issues arising from the design overhaul. if you dont mind being fords guinea pig for the first gen vehicles go for it. this ranger might not be of new design but you have the benefit of the international market already working out those first design bugs.

bottom line, its a solid truck and theres no guarantee the next ranger even comes close.

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