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The site is fucking up majorly.

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3PiesAndAFork posted...
how can anyone watch this and think "yes, wresting isn't fake at all!"

I don't think anyone believes it's real. Everyone knows it's scripted. Even the "It's still real to me damn it" guy knows it's scripted. When someone shows a clip from Avengers or when people are arguing who can be who in a super hero argument, no one pops in to say "You know it's fake, right?" It almost comes across as the person saying this thought it was real, got outted, and they are trying to clown on others to make themselves feel better.

Wrestling is pretty dumb. Risking life and limb for bad looking stunts and with terrible acting. But it doesn't hurt me that others like it. I see no reason to try and dump on others for their choices in entertainment.

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