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smoke_break posted...
Banana_Mana posted...
Libel laws in Korea are pretty strict - saying anything negative about job performance can be libel, so (bear in mind I dont know what was said) even if someone said Mina was being lazy and not wanting to tour with the group - that can be libelous.

I dunno how I feel about this, seems the company can abuse this and just go after anyone saying anything uncomplimentary about the company or an idol.

Pretty much - but most lawyers will be able to sort it out. Libel laws here are strict, and online requires registration to comment, so that people dont go over the top and say just whatever. Its supposed to protect people, but of course big companies can abuse it, as they do most everything.

And these days there are so many workarounds anyway, that the online stuff is impossible to regulate (vpns, foreign sites etc).

But even with the K-netizens not going too far online, they still manage to be mean in clever ways to get around the libel.

I wonder why she is sick, the idol life must not be for her versus she isnt working hard enough - Koreans are very good at polite putdowns.

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