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God dammit I hate SteelSeries software. Their products are great, and I've never had a problem with the hardware. But holy shit the bloatware they force onto you is absurd and breaks constantly.

Just had SteelSeries GG update (which is already annoying, since Engine was 100x better) that for some reason decided it was going to reduce the brightness of my keyboard lights to like 5% (but ONLY on the profile I custom set up, all the default built-in ones had no issues), without a setting for brightness anywhere to be found in their software. So it was just stuck so dim I thought the RGB was turned off for some reason. Could barely even see it. So I manually went and downloaded the exe for the previous version, installed it, and everything was instantly back to normal. Problem solved?

NOPE. Because you CANNOT TURN OFF AUTOMATIC UPDATES. Period. They simply do not give you that option. Auto updates are mandatory according to them. So if I ever turned my PC off again, it would automatically update back to the broken version. -_-

Thankfully, I could set everything up the way I want and then uninstall the SS software entirely, and everything continues to work just fine. But that means I can't mess with the settings in the future. Which is obviously not really a solution. So does anybody have any suggestions for other software for controlling the RGB/headset/etc. settings? Since it's a laptop, just getting a new non-SteelSeries keyboard isn't exactly an option, so it needs to be compatible. Don't know if that's a problem or not, as I've never really messed around with this kind of customizing before this laptop.

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