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Think wagyu is with $75?

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Alpha218 posted...
Theres 0 evidence this is happening
You should read this:

The focus across many of [Red Venture's websites] is reviews that the company subsequently monetizes. Given that this is a huge emphasis for CNET and other sites in its media group, you can see where the synergies might lie for Red Ventures.

Red Ventures believes in the power of premium content from trusted brands that help people make better life decisions, said Ric Elias, Red Ventures CEO and co-founder, in a statement. Over the last 25 years CNET Media Group has built a dynamic portfolio of brands with well-earned authority on such topics as consumer tech and gaming that play an increasingly important role in peoples lives. Red Ventures is eager to invest in CNET Media Groups growth with more personalized consumer experiences that will reinvigorate CNET Media Groups brands and unlock unprecedented opportunity for all.


But its not all bad news. Red Ventures message seems to be that even if older, ad-based, mass-market models are under strain for some in particular in a world where publishers like Facebook and Google continue to take the lions share of online advertising revenues there are ways to run media businesses well, if you shift the models and re-set your expectations on how that business scales. (There are alternatives, of course, to spanersify in other ways, such as building out paywalls around premium content, building out events businesses and more.)

GameFAQs does not really fit into any model focused on monetizing reviews, premium paywalls, etc. The FAQ structure - if anything - hurts the profitability of more professional walkthroughs or FAQs hosted on GameSpot, and the message board aspect is dated to say the least. Red Ventures is also a private equity firm, so one of the key ways it will drive value is to eliminate costs. It is entirely likely they will shut down websites they view as redundant.

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