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LOL I pissed off Lysandear and got blocked

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Wait, saying you had a user Ignored or telling someone you were putting them on Ignore was never a ToU violation but someone being Blocked is?

Or is it just you >_>

Mods are very trigger happy when it comes to people discussing blocked users and users who have blocked them. They haven't yet ironed out the rules consistently in regard to that feature since it was implemented. Goats' history in regard to that is now causing him to be targeted for it. It briefly happened to me a few months ago and a moderator screwed up royally over it and suspended me for a non-violation while making false claims. It was overturned within a few hours thankfully. Goats was hit for the same thing I initially was (before the suspension) and now is getting that same treatment.

The full story is that he has been caught and warned multiple times for harassment by abusing the block feature. Naturally the punishments will escalate given that he has a history for pulling off that shit.

Initially yes, but now they are using history and history alone. The post that got his alt suspended was not a violation. He did not address anyone who blocked him. He did not @ someone he had blocked. He didn't even mention a single name. He basically just said "someone people can't see the warned general topics because they caused trouble in them." That isn't a violation of the block "rules" or any rules at all. They just said "oh. History. Suspended." That is what happened to me also, only whoever reviewed it realized the truth that I did nothing wrong, which is why it was overturned. I had spoken to multiple mods off site and they all agreed with me (even prior to the overturn).

Could be potentially seen as trolling given that he has gloated over having blocked said person. Then again the admin doesn't really prioritize suspensions. He has admitted that they are the least important stuff for him to deal with.

That said, these topics have basically strayed from the initial purpose given now that the TC blocks those that he does not like. Not just the "troublemakers." So yeah it is an effectively an echo chamber for him and his like minded allies. Still these topics do offer quite a bit of entertainment value despite it being an echo chamber.

I don't take sides as I am a neutral third party, but some people just can only see the flaws in their enemies and not themselves. Both sides of the faction wars are opposite sides of the same coin of shit.

This may be my last message, given that the TC can't take a differing opinion lol.

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