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Bought a Steyr AUG.

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CedarPointcp posted...
what? how was he an asshole seller? he was extra cautious?
Nah, the payment options were credit card or USPS Money Order. There was a card processing fee so I sent a money order. I guess this boomer has someone working for him, I sent an email immediately after I used the 'buy it now' option and his employee took a week to send me the invoice. So my money order arrived like two weeks after the sale happened and he called me cussing and blaming me for how unorganized he is and asking why it took me so long to send the payment. Took screenshots with timestamps of the exchange between his employee and I, emailed it to him and left negative feedback on GunBroker once the gun arrived at my FFL dealer lol. The gun was a VZ-61 Skorpion.

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