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TIL Selena Gomez's whole wolf schtick is a pun

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SwayM posted...
I really dont rub against DLC or micro transactions ever but this crosses a line for me.

This isnt irrelevant skins or emotes.

This is literally Marvels most popular character.

It also raises valid questions of his importance story wise.

I have a feeling the games story is kinda set in stone atm. So additional characters wont change a story thats already made. Itll be more maybe story specific missions that come along with that character.

But whatever the case I dont like this decision at all.

It would be like only Xbox players getting Trevor in GTA V. Like what a major part of youre game youre giving to only one section of Your players.

Thats not an accurate comparison at all. That comparison would only make sense if before GTAV was released, Trevor had his own smash hit of a game as an exclusive for Xbox, and had been associated with that brand for the past few years. On top of that, it doesnt matter how much you try, you can not expect Spider-mans story / influence on this game to remotely compare to Trevors in GTAV. Spider-man is not a central character to the games plot. Hes DLC thatll get a couple of story missions that still dont affect the games core story of Kamala and the Avengers taking down AIM.

Anyway Sony has had a deal with Marvel for movies for decades. Now theyre moving to make Spider-man a Playstation mascot (while obviously not retaining the sole rights to the character).

This isnt a surprising move, and people keep acting like Crystal Dynamics is remotely at fault when this is likely something negotiated by Sony and Marvel since Marvel are the people who allowed Square Enix to even touch him.

Slow and steady wins the race

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